Enjoy the nature and climate of Koishiwara! Tour of Kiln Village


This is a course to take a walk while feeling the nature of Koishiwara, with its rice fields and satoyama landscape. Koishiwara is still home to half-fired pottery and half-farmed kilns, and the countryside is full of scenic beauty. This is a driving course that takes you to the "Ruins of Matsuo Castle" and "Gyoja-sugi", where you can enjoy local cuisine and visit kilns scattered in the Soeda and Kama areas, while relaxing and enjoying nature in the satoyama.

Estimated tour time:
walk and car ride
  1. Roadside station Koishiwara (scattered throughout the area, so move by car)

  2. Tour of kiln sites (Soeda area)

  3. Gyosha-cedar

  4. Sosuke (wild vegetable cuisine restaurant)

  5. Chef Garden Taguchi (restaurant)

  6. Matsuo Castle Ruins

  7. Tour of kiln sites (Kama area)