Good for first timers!
Koishiwara Main Street Walk


Recommended for first-timers and those who want to enjoy Koishiwara in a short time. This course takes you to many kilns and popular spots along the main street. It is the busiest place in the village, with a roadside station, restaurants, bakeries, furniture stores, and other stores. This is also a good place for those who want to visit many kilns at once and enjoy shopping.

Estimated tour time:
walk and car ride
  1. Roadside station Koishiwara(parking lot)

  2. Tour of kilns in the Kama area (6 kilns in 250 meters long)

  3. Rhododendron garden and boardwalk

  4. Kaiseki Teuchi Soba Kyoya (Noodle restaurant)

  5. Bakery O-kamoto (White bread specialty store)

  6. Takagi Shrine

  7. Koishiwara Central Cooperative Exhibition Hall

  8. Tour of kilns in the direction of Haki (8 kilns in 200 meters long)